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Peace + Happness is a Washington DC based creative marketing firm specializing in branding, marketing, content development, event production, and crafting innovative campaigns. From digital marketing to in-person brand experiences, our dedicated team ensures your vision comes to life while strategically growing your community.

We deliver comprehensive solutions that stand out. Let's work together to bring your vision to life!


We Empower Musicians By Providing A Roadmap To Finding And Growing Their Artist Brand.


We Ensure Safe, Inclusive, and Memorable Experiences For Our Community. We Create Fun Ways To Have Fun.


We provide the necessary information to ensure our community make the best choice for themselves.


Enjoy browsing our immersive upcoming events. You can expect to have fun and make memorable experiences in a safe and inclusive environment. Follow Us to Stay Updated!


Explore our services listed below. For tailored plans to fit your needs and budget, reach out to us directly. 


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